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BC Federation of Retired Union Members – BC FORUM

Working Ventures Insurance BC FORUM

The BC Federation of Retired Union Members – BC FORUM – serves the needs of both retired and active union members over the age of 50 throughout British Columbia.

BC FORUM, an organization with whose members we work proudly, allows retired and active union members over the age of 50 an opportunity to realize savings in programs, services, and products only possible through group negotiation. BC FORUM provides a group to turn to when workers, current and retired, want action and where their individual voices are given power through the organization’s collective voice.

This is where Working Ventures Insurance comes in! As a unionized team ourselves, we understand the impact of collective power as well as thoughtful negotiations in providing the most comprehensive benefits packages to union members. Specializing in group insurance packages, working closely with the bargaining power of union groups, we are able to provide great savings on home, travel, RV, and boat insurance.

For retirees, BC FORUM maintains the support of the union movement for members even after they’ve left the workforce. For those still working, BC FORUM helps members plan for retirement while still enjoying the benefits union membership affords.

By working together with members in solidarity, BC FORUM sustains the bargaining power to spotlight issues important to seniors and retirees, demand the attention of legislators, while negotiating the best benefits for their members.

BC FORUM is a registered non-profit society for union members age 50 and up. The organization is dedicated to representing the well-being of members, their families, and their spouses.

Working with organizations such as BC FORUM is our specialty. These are relationships we value and take pride in as it allows us to provide the best prices in insurance coverage for workers and their families to retirement and beyond.

We stand with BC FORUM in the belief that no matter what age we are, together we’re strong.

Working Ventures Insurance is British Columbia’s top insurance broker with a specialty in group and union member insurance.  If you are a union member in BC, we can get you the best rates on your insurance.

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