travel insurance for traveling within canada

Travelling Canada. Don’t Forget Travel Insurance!

travel insurance for traveling within canada
With so much history and incredible, breathtaking vistas here in our own backyard, it can often beg the question, why travel so very far – across oceans and continents – when there’s SO much to see and do right here at home?

Traveling throughout Canada and between provinces can make for a wonderful vacation, but if you’re leaving your home province or territory, it’s important to understand that just travelling with your provincial health insurance could leave you short, exposed in the event of certain emergency medical expenses (such as air ambulance home) and any non-medical travel situations.

Know the Limitations of Your Provincial Health Coverage

Certainly, when you’re planning your exciting ski trip to Whistler or the kids meeting Anne of Green Gables at Avonlea Village, a worst-case scenario isn’t at the top of the list of things you’re considering, However, understanding exactly what your provincial health coverage won’t cover is important to know as you start your travel planning.

The fact is, your provincial health insurance isn’t required to cover any treatment or medications given outside your home province. It’s typical, in fact, for most provinces to cover only minimal medical expenses, such as a hospital stay or even part of a doctor’s appointment. It is highly unlikely it will cover the costs of prescription drugs, ambulance travel or return transportation to a hospital in your home province.

Travel Insurance is ALWAYS a Good Idea!

Due to provincial health coverage billing agreements, provincial health insurance will pay some basic costs for medical care, BUT they may not pay the same rates they would when seeking care in your home province. In fact, it’s quite likely that you would be liable to pay a larger portion of your expenses out of pocket, as some provinces only offer reimbursement after the fact.

There are a number of incidental fees you probably wouldn’t even think of that travel insurance covers as you plan your travel within Canada. For instance:

  • Covering accommodation costs for your spouse or travelling companions so they can rest comfortably during your hospital stay.
  • Travel expenses to get you home after a medical emergency.
  • Trip interruption coverage for those non-refundable expenses such as flights and hotels.
  • If your medications are unavailable beyond your home province, you can be transported home to receive the necessary prescriptions.
  • Coverage of lost or stolen property.
  • In the event of the truly catastrophic and unthinkable, accidental death insurance provides loved ones with peace of mind.

We’ll Help Arrange the Right Travel Insurance Plan for You

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